Peter Graun

Master and Professional Circle Propeller Coach

10th Generation Ving Tsun descendant through Ip Man, Ip Ching

Certified Sifu and teacher of the Wing Chun Center Germany

Master of Circle Propeller Kung Fu and Chin Na after Rambo Kong Kwok Keung

Already in his childhood Sifu Peter Graun was a follower of martial arts. With the years he turned to different martial arts and martial arts styles. Among them boxing, karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Doe, Wing Tsun and later Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Circle Propeller.

In 1990 Sifu Peter Graun started to train Wing Chun Kung Fu in Wolfenbüttel with a small group of people. The group grew quickly. A short time later he joined the local sports club and opened further schools like in 1992 in Halberstadt.

So the Wing Chun Center Wolfenbüttel was founded in 1995. In 1999 Peter Graun founded the Wing Chun Center Germany (WCZD) due to the growth and the rapid increase of schools. Since that time, numerous schools and training centres of other clubs have been affiliated to the WCZD. The number of students attending Peter Graun’s private and weekend classes is constantly growing.

In order to further satisfy his thirst for knowledge and his desire for improvement, Peter Graun began to travel regularly to China in 2007. Here he deepens his knowledge and know-how about the Ving Tsun of Grandmaster Ip Ching, the son of Grandmaster Ip Mans.

Since then he has been training in Hong Kong with Master Ip Ching. In 2011 he was officially recognized as a student of Master Ip Ching. Master Ip Ching became his Sifu (fatherly teacher). This was a great honor for Sifu Peter Graun. A lot of time has passed since then. Sifu Peter Graun travels regularly to his Sifu and many a year are also study trips for its members.

He makes this knowledge available to his students in Germany.

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